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Tangaza College is a Catholic school started in in 1986 as a learning institution.Tangaza is located along langata south road i Karen.


Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)
Bachelor of Arts(Communication)
Bachelor of Arts(Community Development)
Bachelor of Theology(Theology)
Bachelor of Education(Arts)
Bachelor of Education(Science)
Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)
Diploma in Counselling(Counselling)
Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)
Diploma in Public Administration(Public Administration)
Credit Management Technician(CCMT)
Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology(Sacred Theology)
Diploma in Theology(Theology)
Certificate in Mission Studies(Mission Studies)
Diploma in Social Communication(Social Communication)
Certificate in Media Production(Media Production)
Diploma in Sciences of Human Development(Human Development)
Diploma in Spirituality(Spirituality)
Diploma in Religious Formation(Religious Formation)
Certificate in Spirituality(Spirituality)


Langata South Road, P.O. BOX 15055, Nairobi 00509 Nairobi Kenya 020-891407/890340 ismm@tangaza.org www.tangaza.org Theology Colleges

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