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Makini School
Nursery and Kindergartens
Kenya » Nairobi

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Makini is a group of school located along Makindi road.It consist of Pre-school,Primary School,Secondary Sschool and College.

Makini will encourage and facilitate: – the formation of each student’s moral character, unique skills, capacities and talents – the creation of a strong communal ethos of social responsibility – and the achievement of the highest possible academic results
this is the school where,If the Childs progress is significantly different from that of his peers,or He/She suffers from disabilities,the Teachers discuss it with the Teachers an work out together to understand an solve the difficulties.


Arts and Crafts Computer Lessons Cookery Excursions Singing Swimming Poetry & Drama


Equiped Library
Swimming Pool
Basketball Pitch


Makindi Road – Thompson Estate…
P.O. Box 21784 – 00500 Nairobi, Kenya

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