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Africa Nazarene University

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Africa Nazarene University is a member of the worldwide family of Nazarene institutions founded on the same principles – the development of students in a strong spiritual environment. ANU offers a well-rounded, holistic education to help members establish themselves in three important areas:

Character – Explore your faith for living.
Competence – Achieve your goals for your career.
Community – Find your place in the world.

Academic Departments

• Business Department
• Computer and Information Technology Department
• Education Department
• Mass Communication Department
• Religion Department
• Short and Professional Courses Department
• Law Department
PUP Department
MBA Department

University Sports Teams

• Basketball
• Chess
• Darts
• Lawn Tennis
• Rugby
• Scrabble
• Soccer
• Table Tennis
• Track and Field
• Volleyball
• Softball
• Badminton

Contact Information

Africa Nazarene University
P.O. Box 53067 00200
Nairobi, Kenya
Landlines: +254 20 2527170/1/3/4
Fax: +254 20 2012233

Closest Airport (line of sight) : Wilson Airport 9.0 KM

Closest Property (line of sight)

  • Osoita Lodge 2.37 KM
  • Nairobi Tented Camp 4.64 KM
  • Hogmead 4.85 KM
  • Macushla House 4.92 KM
  • Ngong House 5.52 KM